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So I was referred by a friend to come and get my A/C fixed. I called in and spoke to Camal (I think he's the owner) and told him my situation about how my A/C wasn't cooling and that most likely was the compressor. He told me that they would do a diagnostic just to make sure that it may not be something else and then based on that would fix the issue. He quoted me a price for the repair and service and was able to schedule me immediately the next day in the morning.I met Camal in person and told me that he would take good care of the car for me and he really did!! I was suppose to pick up the car later that day but unfortunately the bolts for the compressor wasn't screwing in properly and he had to buy new ones in order to fix them in. I was getting worried about the whole situation and Camal spoke to me and was able to ease my mind and explained to me everything that way I didn't have to stress over it. He was very understanding and really knows how to provide great customer service. He was very thorough in inspecting my car and fixing the compressor and now I have nice cool air blowing in my car especially now during this hot weather. I highly recommend anyone who needs any car repairs to come here to Camal's shop. His prices are reasonable, great customer service and really cares about getting the job done right and not costing you an arm and a leg for it Thank you again for your great work and easing my mind during the process. I really appreciate it.

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This place is awesome. Great mechanics and friendly staff!